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About ME.

I write about art, culture, and identity. My latest novel, How to Raise an Art Star, is the first in a series about the Gregson Bennett Family. It's about an enterprising bi-racial ethnic hair products heiress who lands in Brooklyn from LA after being orphaned and who will do anything to distinguish herself from the other bold-faced under 10-year-olds on the playground. In addition to continuing to write about the Gregson Bennett Family, I'm currently curating and contributing to I'm Here Too, a website dedicated to learning, sharing and inspiring others through our diverse life journeys.

Some of my other writing projects have included a blog as the Art Dealer’s Daughter. I also produced Black Like Us, a documentary video that explores the lives of an intergenerational group of affluent African-Americans. The documentary received recognition from a number of sources, including the Black Maria Film Festival. 

An alumna of the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference in Fiction, Poetry and Non-Fiction, I majored in Art History and Visual Arts at Princeton University and studied creative writing with Jeffrey Eugenides, Edmund White, and A.J. Verdelle.