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bedtime stories

A collection of paintings and short stories by Hilary Harkness and Ara Tucker (December 2018)

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brooklyn bento box

A short story published by Two Coats of Paint (July 2018)

Devon looked around the studio. Everything was as she’d left it the night before, right down to the tomato dimpled with rot perched on her drafting table between an X-Acto knife and a cat toy she’d been meaning to refill with catnip. Everything was as she’d left it, but something felt off...

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Cats, Cherry Fizz and Color! Studio Visit with E.V. Day

An interview with E.V. Day; co-authored with Hilary Harkness; published on Huff Post (Dec 2017)

E.V. Day, recipient of the 2016 Rome Prize, is a visionary artist with originality and a joie-de-vivre that isn’t easily captured by words. So, on my most recent visit to her studio, I brought along Vabeh Gregson Bennett to get her perspective. Vabeh, almost 10 years old, is the founder of the Walk-In Gallery, a pop-up art gallery in a well-placed Brooklyn walk-in closet. Vabeh is also an accomplished painter of cats and a next generation entrepreneur who will certainly be on any number of soon-to-be released 10 under 10 lists. Here is Vabeh’s report, as dictated to Ara Tucker.


Chloe decides it's Olivia's laboratory that she's after...

An essay originally published on my blog, The Art Dealer's Daughter (2013).

I’ve had three coming outs. I’ve always been a bit of an overachiever.